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All About the Readers!

All About the Readers is something new that I am trying for my blog. This give my readers an opportunity to express themselves on my blog. You the reader have the opportunity to write about who you are, what you want to be, what you like to do etc. Express something that you have been going through, whatever you'd like This is an open forum for my readers. Just think about it, you never know what may happen by doing this!

In the mean time. enjoy life, help others and smile!

Making A Change

Hello Everyone!

I know that it has been a while. Now with some of my festivities over, I can get back to my blog. While I was a way for a bit, I have been doing some self reflecting. I realize that everything that I do has an effect on someone in my life. So from this day forward, I am going to focus on doing all the good I can, in all the ways I can, for all the people I can, while I can. This is my new life motto. I will put self aside and place others first. Now don't get me wrong, I am not going to neglect my needs, but my focus will be more on what I'm doing that will be a benefit to others. For example, I will get more involved in church and give of my time and talents instead of just going to church. This revelation came about after seeing that there are so many selfish people in the world. I know that I am far from perfect and I have flaws in this area as well, so I am  going to do something to change it, by showing kindness in my attitude, words and deeds. 

Thank you fo…