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Don't Avoid the Void

To change, we must go through a transition zone. It's not easy being in transition. Thoughts, beliefs and habits are all in flux. It can create a sense of groundless, of being in a void that can be quite uncomfortable.

When we’re in the void, our first impulse will be to revert to old habits because they feel comfortable. Our goal is to hang in there until the change is complete. 

Knowing that TRANSITIONS ARE PART OF THE CHANGE PROCESS helps us muster the courage to put up with the discomfort, the uneasiness, the void. Change requires a letting go of what we’ve always known and done to allow in something new. We need to trust ourselves and higher forces to unfold a new reality for us.

"Every positive change - every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness - involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception."

~Dan Mill…

Remembering September 11, 2001 and learning from it!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the US on September 11, 2001. It is hard to think about that date without the mental images of the destruction, grief and loss that swept over America and the world following those tragic events. So many lives were changed, but through all of this we have overcome. I have read many status posts about people stating that this is what America deserved this because we are bullies to other countries, etc.  

In my opinion, retaliation is never the result. It would be nice to have peace on earth and everyone live in harmony, but the reality of it is, there are people who have evil in their hearts and will not stop their hate until they get the revenge that they seek. With this being true, it is up to us to change this. We can all learn from these tragic events of September 11 to become better than those who tried to take America down. We need to be merciful and show love to one another, try to live just as Christ lived. I know that…

Measuring Growth

This really hit home and I wanted to share it! Hope it speaks to someone as well!

When a high school student tried using a thermometer to measure a table, his teacher was dumbfounded. In 15 years of teaching, Dave had seen many sad and shocking situations. But even he was amazed that a student could make it to high school without knowing the difference between a ruler and a thermometer.
When a friend told me this story, my heart broke for that student and others like him who have fallen so far behind in their education. They can’t move forward because they haven’t yet learned basic lessons of everyday life.
But then a sobering thought came to me: Don’t we sometimes do the same thing when we use wrong spiritual measuring devices? For example, do we assume that churches with the most resources are the most blessed by God? And do we ever think that popular preachers are more godly than those with few followers?
The proper measure of our spiritual condition is the…

Love You First

Jill Scott: Rolling Hills ~ Ladies this song is for you! You have to love YOU first, not everyone is worthy of your prized possession! Please listen to the message and Enjoy!


Open to New Possibilities

How willing are you to learn something new? How open are you to new perspectives? Only when we're open can we really hear what's being said or really see what's happening or really experience the moment. Openness demands that we be willing to move to places we've never been before. It asks us to continually challenge the foundations of our belief systems so we can test out new ideas. And to do that, we need to accept insecurity. Be open to seeing things: - from another's point of view, - from a higher and more inclusive perspective - with a beginner's attitude of wonder. "The struggle of the mind to keep itself free from every sort of bondage -- to remain curious, open, unsatiated in all its relations with nature -- is tenfold more difficult than the cultivation of a stable, satisfying point of view, but a thousandfold more precious." ~Gardner Murphy

Going for what you are passionate about!

I found this and I thought that it was so motivating that I just could not keep this to myself! I hope that you find something from it and you have the motivation to keep going! Enjoy and Be blessed!

Your passion is your dream it keeps you going. It's the fire in your bones. It's your purpose your destiny. It's what motivates you to keep running the race when you don't feel like running because you have a dream that the lord put on the inside of you and you know the end result because God gave you a vision or a glimpse of your future and you win.

Because if God be for you who can stand against you. That passion God put on the inside of you is what you were born for and the lord has given you everything you need to get the job done. It's Christ in you the hope of glory.

There is nothing or no one that can stop that dream from coming to pass only you! I know it's been hard. I know it's been trying times. Know this Satan will throw everything in your way to disco…

Embrace the Positive and Negative in wholeness

Embrace the positive and negative in wholeness
"Only when we can love hell will we find heaven."
-- Unknown source

People often view the spiritual path as a search for the light. In truth, spirituality asks us to bring light and darkness together in wholeness. And in fact, this is the only possible solution. In our world of duality, any effort to focus all attention on the light only serves to increase the power of the darkness. Our aim is not to deny or reject anything but to embrace it all.

"When you are able to contain both the light and dark together, that is a very enlightening state. It means that you no longer have to choose one experience over another. You do not have to choose love OR hate, blame OR forgiveness, sadness OR joy, anger OR openheartedness. You are no longer polarized; no particular feeling boxes you in and keeps you from the light of true self. You then have access to the full range of human experiences you came into this life to embrace.&q…