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YOU are what YOU think!

Do you know that feeling you get when you have done something right? You feel that every decision that you've made was correct or you gave some needed advice? It's a great feeling huh? Living up to your own expectations and standards is the best thing that anyone can do. All decisions that you've made were based off of previous experiences of your self or something you've seen someone else go through. You smile to yourself and pat yourself on the back! But what do you do when you do not make all of the right decisions or you gave the wrong advice? How do you treat yourself then? We all have the tendency to be harder on ourselves than anyone else, and often times do not think that we are worthy of anything. Or even worst, we allow others perception of us dictate who we are and who we will become. I have learned through the years that when others are not happy with who they are, they try to put their perception of themselves on you. Often times, their perceptions and our…