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Out with the Old in with the New

As we all get ready for the new year, many have resolutions that they will or will not stick to. Some will make life altering changes and there are those who we have lost who will not bring in the new year with us. Regardless of where we are/were in our lives in the current year, the new year always brings hope and optimism to those who are looking for something to believe in. As we go into the new year, lets all set aside our selfish desires and help someone in need. I am a believer that God blesses us to be a blessing to others and that is the approach that I am going to take into the new year. I still have some work to do, but as long as I know that I am trying there is hope for another person who has no idea where to start. When I started this blog, I had one thought in mind, to motivate and encourage people to be their best one blog at a time. That is my life's purpose!  I want to thank my supporters of AZA Means Strength and I encourage you all to know that you have AZA with…


Hello Everyone!

AZA Means Strength is looking for Artists!!! If you have a talent that you would like to share with AZA Means Strength blog, please inbox me on facebook or message me on twitter @azabeauty! I am looking for artists, singers, poets, etc. share your talent and you will be featured in the January 1, 2012 blog of AZA Means Strength! I want to thank you all for your support!

If Today

If today was the last day of my life
I would leave all worries aside
I would be thankful to be alive
I would be all right
I would just smileIf today was the last day of my life
I would stop to smell the roses
I would appreciate all that surrounds me
I would be friendly, and I would laugh
I would take the time to be closer
If today was the last day of my life
I would pass on peace
I would be generous
I would pass on love
I would deeply breathIf today was the last day of my life
I would accept peacefully all that comes,
including my death,
for death
is just a new beginning.
Cristina Diaz

India.Arie - I Am Not My Hair (

Something that I wanted to share with everyone! I hope you enjoy.

Happy Holidays from AZA Means Strength!

Wishing you and your family peace and blessings for the new year! Thank you for your support!
NaTyshca Pickett AZA Means Strength

God will give the strength you need!

AZA Means Strength is what my blog is about. I feel that my life's purpose is to influence others to be positive and love who God has created them to be. When I was first on my journey of finding myself, I thought that fulfilling my purpose meant being known for something great or making sure that I touched every life that I came in contact with in a positive way. But I have soon come to realize that I was having problems because I was trying to fulfill my purpose and not God's purpose. Once this came into perspective, things became very clear for me, my thinking began to change and I have a better understanding that in everything that I do, I am to do it with all my strength and with all my soul because I am serving the Lord. Now I am not perfect and I know that I still have some work to do in my personal walk with God, but one thing that I will say is that I seek Him in all decisions that are made. With the fact that I am human, I still have to remind myself that God is in c…

It's My Beautiful!

Hello Everyone,

Since I have started AZA Means Strength, I have received so much love and support from my readers! I want to take this time to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! Since I have been a way for a while, there have been many changes that have taken place for me personally and professionally. One of those changes is me wanting to give back more and do more for those who are doing for others, with that said, I wanted to let you all know that AZA Means Strength has a store called AZA Beauty! In this store you will find products with AZA's slogan "It's My Beautiful!". From items purchased at AZA Beauty, a percentage of those proceeds will go to Shine on Purpose. Shine on Purpose is a non-profit organization whose mission is to nurture, empower and transform the lives of under-served girls and women by building academic and social competence through relevant mentor-ship, professional development, educational and Christian-based programs to achieve thei…