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You Didn't Give Up, Just Took an Alternate Route!

What do you do when all hope is lost? Do you give up? Or do you keep trying? Many will say that they will keep trying because that is the thing to say. If it is mentioned that we decide to give up on something, we will be seen as weak or a failure. So in order to keep up with societal norms, we all try harder and harder just to make it. We will struggle and sacrifice and lose sleep just to make it. And all that we go through is worth it, we go through all of this struggle just to make it and we never gave up.


What if one day I said you know what, I am tired and I do not have the energy for this, I don't want this bad enough. Does this make me a loser? Am I weak? Many may say YES! But what if this is our way of knowing our limitations? There are some people who just don't like college, they don't like sitting in a classroom and they do not like taking classes on line. Are these people weak if they tried and said that they just didn't want to go that route and they just gave up? I think that when we hear the words "giving up" we see them in a negative way. I think that these people who "gave up" are brave to not fall for the opinions of society. I think that if everyone stopped caring about the thoughts of others, no one would care about whether or not they gave up on something, they would just see it as another experience that they learned. So many people beat themselves up thinking that they made the wrong decisions in life and by giving up on their dreams. What if they didn't give up but they had to take an alternate route to reach their destinations? So what.... you are not the singer you wanted to be when you were younger, you still got the chance to experience something else. So many focus on the things that they didn't do that they forget about what they did experience. I believe that every situation that we encounter is opportunity for growth. We live, we learn and then we apply those experiences to our lives. We can share those experiences with others and we can tell everyone that we made it and we never gave up, we just took an alternate route!


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