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In the Spotlight: Beautiful In Your Skin - Shonda Story

One of the goals of AZA Means Strength is to acknowledge individuals who make positive contributions in the life of others. Today's Spotlight is about Shonda Story and Beautiful in Your Skin. "Beautiful In Your Skin was designed to be the encouragement a woman needs to get to her journey of a more happy place".

AZA:  According to Your Facebook page, Beautiful in Your Skin was created to show your personal journey in becoming a better you, what was your journey that led you to inspiring others?

BIYS: My entire life, I have been active.  In elementary school leading up to college, I was either on Cheer leading or the dance team.  College is where my love for working out and teaching aerobics began.  After I graduated, I didn’t hit the gym that often and ate with no restriction.   I kept gaining weight and the only thing that took the weight off was regular trips to the Diet Doctor.  Taking diet pills helped me lose weight but when I stopped taking them, I would gain back the pounds lost and then some.  Finally after tipping the scale at 218, I said enough was enough and my journey began with a trainer at Bally’s Total Fitness by the name of Darryl Norwood and he is excellent!! He showed me the proper way to exercise and eat.

AZA: What makes you so passionate about inspiring others?

BIYS:  I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and hate what you see.  Also, when you go through a bad break-up and in your mind the new girlfriend looks better and you begin to ponder those questions: What is wrong with me?? Am I not good enough?  Am I too fat?? I know personally how it is because that is what happened to me!!  It takes much more for a woman to look her best. Some women don’t know how to pick the proper undergarments, know the proper way to eat to lose weight or workout.  Although a lot of women think they don’t need make-up, I feel every woman should apply bronzer to give their skin a gorgeous glow.  I believe my soul purpose is to be the self-esteem builder that every women need. I’m here to tell all women yes you are good enough and I love making people feel good about themselves.   

AZA: Who is the one person who inspires you?

BIYS:  Wow… that is hard to answer because my inspirations come from my mom, my four older sisters, and my sorority sisters and my journey on this earth! Well, my savior inspires me every day when I’m given a new day to correct my wrong doings.

AZA: What message do you have for young girls and women who are struggling with self-esteem?

BIYS:  It starts with looking in the mirror and loving yourself!! When you don’t love yourself, you accept less than what you deserve.  Also, I think it’s ok to enhance your beauty but make sure it’s safe and do it for you.  I always tell people to be the driver of their own happiness because if you let someone else get behind the wheel, your heart will be broke once they crash when their time in your life is over.

AZA: You have over 1,000 Likes on Facebook, did you ever expect your blog to grow so fast?

BIYS: October 2011, BIYS was just a thought and I know I was going to get some support but I never imagined it would grow so fast. I was hoping to have 1000 followers by my launch party in May but it's March and I already achieved that goal so I'm humble and thankful to everyone that has decided to take this journey with me.

AZA: Why did you start the BIYS T-Shirt Line?

BIYS:  I love dresses but I’m a t-shirt, jean and sexy heel type of woman.  I was going to make shirts just for me but I thought why not share it with the world.  My entire t-shirt line will consist of phrases that raise the self-esteem in a positive way. A young lady emailed me and asked are you going to make any shirts that say “Thicker than a Snicker”?……NO…LOL   

AZA: What is the future of BIYS? Are you thinking of selling more clothing, accessories, etc?

BIYS: Right now, BIYS will consist of me teaching aerobics, producing more t-shirts, a workout line and intimate apparel. Also, I have something in works for the fellas. In the future, I want to open up the BIYS Beauty center. It will be sort of like weight watchers but I will give classes on everything from applying make-up to dressing.  I would also like to have my own perfume and a cosmetic line! Can you see I dream big!

AZA: How can one purchase a T-Shirt?

BIYS: Currently I’m taking orders via my PayPal account and all you need is my email address or they can hit me on FB, place an order with me (shonda captprofound story) and I will send them an invoice. Also, on-line purchasing will be coming real soon!
Logo T - $21 Signature shirt only comes in White
I Am Beautiful Regular $15 Bling $20 - (I don't have the I Am Beautiful bling t-shirt in white but you can order it in black, hot pink or chocolate brown)
Curvy is the new skinny Regular $15 Bling $20 also can order in black
Sizes SM, MED, LG, XL and 1X-3X

Ordering info
You can pay through paypal at and it will state send money and you will need my email which is


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